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Announcing modifications to Cub Scouting that make the program more flexible for busy parents, den leaders, and Cubmasters. (November 30, 2016)

With a full year of experience in delivering the new Cub Scouting program, feedback suggests that some den leaders are having difficulty fitting all of the adventures required for rank advancement into their program year. This is resulting in boys not advancing. After a thorough review, modifications have been implemented to address this concern.

What are the modifications? Some adventure requirements that previously were mandatory are now optional. The modifications, which take effect immediately, are designed to give den leaders more flexibility, while retaining rich program options that best meet the needs of their den.

The transition is designed to be seamless. Simply choose to use the revised requirements when beginning any new adventure.

For more information and details, please click here for a Scouting magazine blog article published in Bryan on Scouting.

For the complete list of modifications <Click here>.

The new 2016 Boy Scout Rank requirements will be fully in effect Starting January 1, 2017

The transition is almost over. When the new requirements became effective on January 1, 2016, Boy Scouts who were already working on a rank had the option to finish that rank using the older requirements, then use the new requirements for their next rank of Star, Life, or Eagle. With the transition expiring on December 31, 2016 all scouts must switch to the new requirements, even if they are in mid rank.

For a Handbook insert of the new requirements <Click here>.

For a comparison of the new requirements to the old requirements <Click here>.

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